• Robert Juliat Cricket Followspot

    Robert Juliat Cricket Followspot

    The “Cricket” is a compact high performance 1200W halogen followspot incorporating a 100% closing iris and six way colour changer. Utilising an efficient  double condenser optical system the Cricket is suited to throws from 5m up to around 15m against 500/650W rigs.

  • Blonde Lights

    Blonde Lights

    A blonde light is basically a bigger version of a redhead. Power rating can be 1000 to 2000 watts, although the term generally refers to a 2000w open-face unit. These are powerful lights, useful as key floodlights for lighting large areas.Excellent for use in small TV studios or stages in schools and universities. The example pictured here is an Ianiro 2Kw blonde.

  • Redhead 800W

    Redhead 800W

    Redhead 800W is a compact, lightweight, multi-purpose quartz flood/fill light, ideal for any location lighting applications. It uses a double-ended lamp. It has a round face and an adjustable reflector for flood / spot control. Designed to operate high temperature tungsten-halogen lamps, and are well suited for use in tight or confined spaces where maximum light output and beam spread are required for fill or flood lighting.

  • Philips Strand Lighting Palette VL 64

    There’s so much that’s new with Palette VL. And so much that you already know. The Palette VL family of consoles bridge between the clean simple operation of our regular Palette consoles with the control and sophistication of our larger Light Palette VL consoles.

  • ETC ION Control

    With the ease, power and operational style of Eos in a small, affordable package, Ion’s small footprint – 19” wide only – is the pefect solution for space-challenged environments and small venues. Providing fully integrated control of conventional and moving lights, Ion packs a punch.

  • Strand 200 Series 24/48

    Six available operation modes: Single Scene, Two Scene, Submaster, Moving Light, LED and FX Playback.

  • Strand 200 Series 12/24

    Six available operation modes: Single Scene, Two Scene, Submaster, Moving Light, LED and FX Playback.

  • Strand 100 Plus Series Console

    • Fully digital control console
    • 99 memories
    • 12 channel 2 scene preset, 24 channel single scene preset operation with unique Hold function in single scene mode
  • Strand 36way touring flight case

    Strand 36way touring flight case

    3 x 12 channel pro pack 3k dimmers back to socapex out. Input 63amp 3 phase with distro.

  • Zero 88 Betapack 16amp

    The Betapack 3 range of 6 channel dimmer packs offers one of the most cost effective and versatile solutions to dimming currently available. Manufactured to the highest professional standards, this comprehensive range of convection cooled 6 x 10 Amp packs includes variants with sockets to match most global standards. Designed to be rack mounted, installed on a wall or carried, the Betapack 3 is suitable for a wide range of applications from amateur to professional, education to TV.