• Pea Souper

    Pea Souper

    The traditional dry ice machine, the Pea Souper is lightweight, yet powerful.
    The rate of flow is easily controlled, and the unit’s 9kg dry ice capacity gives approximately 5 minutes of fog production.
    Please note we do not supply dry ice.

  • Chroma-Q™ Plus™ Color Changer

    The Plus color changer combines the proven performance and reliability of the Original Chroma-Q with new advanced features, providing even greater usability and flexibility at the same low price. Features include increased frame capacity (20 colors), variable fan and scroll speed via DMX, gel saver mode, digital LED display, power assist scroll loading and separately available universal mounting plate.

  • Tubular Ripple Effect

    Tubular Ripple is a self-contained effect that can be used to create the effect of rippling water at the base of a cyclorama, cloth or other item of scenery.

  • Selection of animation discs available

    Selection of animation discs available

    Showing is Radial break up effect

  • 30cm / 12” Mirror Ball

    30cm / 12” Mirror Ball

    Qtx – Mirrorball, plain glass, 30cm DiaThese glass mirror balls can be used with white or coloured pin spots to create a multitude of different beams reflecting from the ball. Ideal for creating a traditional party atmosphere, turn an average party in to a great one.