Established in 1987 Stage Lighting Centre is one of the leading providers of stage lighting equipment to the entertainment industry in Ireland. Our clients include all of the leading players in stage entertainment, theatres and schools across the entire country.Our services include the sale and hire of lighting equipment. We make curtains to order and sell a large range of filter, tape, paint, gobos, see our sales page for the full list. Our team of technicians are also available to provide first class technical support and equipment servicing.With 25 years experience and expertise, at Stage Lighting Centre we guarantee the most comprehensive range of stage equipment available from all of the leading manufactures, provided with care and attention to all our customers.



“The SLC constantly amaze with their level of helpfulness, wealth of knowledge and honesty of service. It is a comfort, when running a fast paced theatre, to know that the SLC is right here in the centre of the city, just up the road, when we need them.”

Bord Gais Energy Theatre, Dublin 2

“I thought about writing the normal things; I am the head of the production department in Irelands’ busiest arts centre and city centre venue and SLC are my first call for information and advice on products and equipment. SLC are my suppliers for consumables and equipment for over ten years and it’s always a pleasure to deal with the team. All those type of things that are very true but don’t describe or encompass what SLC really means to us here in Project and the Arts sector in Ireland. So, I thought a small story of how SLC helped me out would accurately depict why I value you as a company and a resource.It’s 4.30pm on the day of opening night of a show in Project Arts Centre. We get a call from the control room letting us know that they have no control over the lighting rig during pre-show checks. We head down to the auditorium and go through the usual problem solving procedures. Is the DMX in the desk unplugged? Is the black out button enabled? Are the dimmers on? We get to the dimmers in the dimmer room and eventually figure out that the processor has died and the racks are in no way operational and not fixable before curtain up. It’s about 6pm at this stage and two hours to curtain, we inform the Director, LD and Company and are left in a very bad situation. We agree that we can re run cables and re patch in time if we get enough dimmer packs, distro and converters.I give SLC a call with less than 2 hrs to show and Noel answers the phone (I can tell he has his jacket on and about to go out the door for the evening). I say “Noel my dimmers are dead and I have opening night tonight…………..”. Noel says to me “What do you need, it’s there in 20mins, no problem buddy”And the show goes ahead and we have opening night.That to me is what SLC is about and why I will always call them whether it’s for a roll of gaff or to save an opening night.”

Project Arts Theatre, Temple Bar, Dublin 2

We have been doing business with the Stage Lighting Centre for more than the 25 years I am with RTE.During this time I have found Stage Lighting Centre to be very professional and all queries and orders are received with the customary politeness and good service I have come to expect from the lads.I have got to know all the guys well over the years and I think we have solved the worlds’ problems many times over with our many conversations. Stage Lighting has saved the day many a time for us in our studios.Noel has been my contact for the last few years and is his normal polite humorous self, even when we arrive with the tightest of deadlines!

Alan Wade, Senior Electrical Supervisor, RTE

Over the last 10 years, SLC has been our main supplier for staging and lighting equipment. During this time, we have found SLC to be very reliable and helpful. Their advice has been valuable in all technical theatrical queries, especially in the early fit out days of The Theatre and Mahony Concert Hall. SLC’s consistent value-for-money and customer service on offer has been excellent and much appreciated by The Helix’s Technical Team. We look forward to the continuation of this valued partnership.

Tim Buckley, Building Operations and Technical Manager, The Helix

What is Stage Lighting Centre? To me, it is a vital entity that serves to make a huge amount of theatre productions happen. I have been a customer for a very long time and I always use them whenever possible. As a lighting designer, their flexibility to help with often tight budgets and a willingness to see no customer go unsatisfied, has made many a production possible for me. Without that support and knowledge of the industry, I do believe most shows would not be as well lit…..On the other side of the coin, I will happily spend a good portion of my technical service budget with them. They are my first call for pricing and stock checks. I have always found the sales & rental dept to very fair in their pricing structures. They have looked after me since my very first hire and I will continue to do business with them. They can make both that large & small show happen. There have been oft times when I nearly have turned to director’s and gone “This cue needs about 10 more lamps, some gobo’s and yes I think open white light for this scene is a good choice…….. “. If it wasn’t for the support of Noel, Pat, Richard, Ann Marie, Helena & Fiona, these conversations would become a reality.Stage Lighting Centre may occupy a small piece of real estate in Dublin but it makes a huge variety of show’s & performance’s happen within budgets and always with a “Would you like a cup of tea?” That is real service!”

Draoicht Centre for the Arts, Dublin 15

“We have been using Stage Lighting Centre to produce gobos for our numerous events since we opened in 2010. They continue to impress us with their professional service and quick turn around time and are a pleasure to deal with.”

Convention Centre, North Wall Quay, Dublin 1

What do you do when 240v runs up the DMX and fries a GSX, 4 Act6s and a Demux? Call SLC of course.
When this happened to me, Pat Farrell was laid up with sciatica but he met me at the shop at 11pm and sorted me out with everything I needed to continue the tech. That’s only one instance, in the 20+ years I’ve been using SLC, that the “show went on” thanks to them. Why do I use SLC? When I buy or hire equipment from SLC I know I’m not only getting the best of equipment, I’m also getting unbeatable service, great back up and a lifetimes worth of experience in theatre.”

Dunamaise Theatre, Church Street, Portlaoise