• VL 1100AS ERS

    The VL 100AS has a drive system that quiets the operation of all two-phase motors in the fixtures during movement and while in static positions. They also have new, three-phase, ultra quiet stepper motors that provide a smooth, timed continuous pan and tilt motion. Additionally, a new central bearing system in the gobo wheel reduces noise and ensures smooth operation.

  • Tracks & Bars

    Used for hanging lights and curtains, Stage Lighting Centre can create a track to suit your requirements. We supply straight, curved and motorised tracks. We also supply the accessories required to hang stage equipment.

    We also stock Doughty Stands, Clamps and Stage Weights. Click on link below to see full Doughty range.

  • Stage Effects

    We supply a wide range of stage effects including smoke, haze and dry ice machines, also smoke and haze fluids.

    Our suppliers include:

  • Lighting effects

    We supply a wide range of lighting effects, including Mirror Balls, Water Ripples, Animation Wheels, Gobo Rotators and Colour Scrollers.

    Almost any visual effect is possible, contact us to get advice on what products will best suit your needs.

    For product information and videos on some of our lighting effects click here

  • Lee Filters

  • Connectors

    We stock plugs and sockets for single and three phase power. We also supply 3, 4 and 5 pin XLR connectors, powercon connectors, power distribution boxes and more.

  • Cables

    We supply cables for all areas of theatre and film lighting, including power cables, and multicores. We also supply control cables and adapters for DMX and scrollers.

  • Bulbs

    We stock a large range of bulbs from GE to suit all types of entertainment fixtures.

  • Zero 88

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