Doughty Shadow Nova

High quality Stand finished in Black.

Key features are:

  • Black steel and anodised aluminium construction.
  • Internal spring dampers.
  • Double leg braces.
  • Die cast aluminium ‘lock off’ knobs.
  • Internal safety stops.

We also have a range of other stands including Folding base Stands, Follow Spot Stands, 10 ft Wind Up Stands, Blonde and Redhead stands.

Doughty Tank Traps

The Tank Trap provides the means to support a vertical Tube or Scaffold Pole to fly luminaires etc... Ideal for side lighting.

A Tank Trap consists of a 600mm (2ft) square steel plate, with 50 mm (2”) receiver.

Wing knobs grips 48 - 51mm aluminium or  scaffold poles.

There is a cut out in the base to allow compact stacking for transport and storage.

Size: 600 x 600mm

Receiver: 48 - 51mm

Weight: 16.14 Kg