JEM Martin ZR 12 Manual Smoke Machine

The ZR12 DMX is a mid-sized, portable fog machine with enhanced output to provide a continuous flow of dry, dense fog. The ZR12 DMX uses a single channel of DMX as a variable output control.

The machine includes all the same features as the ZR12 AL yet has added DMX input via a specially designed on-board interface for extra flexibility and control.

The ZR12 DMX can be programmed into any DMX controller and easily incorporated into any light show design. Additionally the DMX interface features a test fire button that enables operation without the DMX connection.

The ZR12 DMX is the result of classical Jem design principles. Electronic pump ramping provides continuous and even fog output. Soft start electronics gives a low level of operating noise, ideal for TV and theatre environments and for ultimate flexibility multiple machines can be operated from a single remote.

Overheat protection is provided by the Direct Thermal Protection device. Output has been enhanced through a 1000W vaporizing chamber and unlike other machines of its size; the ZR12 DMX is extremely quick to heat-up meaning greater control of fog when you want it.

Like the ZR12 AL, the ZR12 DMX is suitable for a wide range of applications including DJ/Club, theatre, TV, rental and more.

Create a greater accuracy of fog placement with the ZR ducting system. Available as an accessory to the whole ZR family, the ducting extension ensures uniformity and coverage in any environment.