JEM Martin ZR 33-HI-MASS Smoke Machine

The ZR33 Hi-Mass is a powerful and instant atmosphere generator for large clubs, stage productions, rental companies and industrial applications.

This new portable/installation fog machine requires only 1500 watts to produce a massive 1000 cubic meters of dense fog per minute. And a huge 9.5 liter fluid capacity ensures longer operation without refilling. A newly developed Hi-Mass Vaporizing System guarantees extreme output for longer periods while Jem's Electronic Pump Ramping System ensures a continuous flow of dry, white fog.

9 smooth steps for fog output allows for precise atmospheric control. DMX 512 control and multifunctional timer remote with multi-machine analogue link capability are standard. In addition, a heavy-duty hanging bracket is fitted as standard to facilitate easy installation in any type of venue.

Clubs and discotheques will love the ZR 33’s extreme reliability, easy installation and large fluid capacity. Stage productions will appreciate its precise effect generation capabilities, smooth level control and quiet operation on low output levels. Rental companies will value the on-board remote storage, high performance and easy maintenance characteristics. Create a greater accuracy of fog placement with the ZR ducting system. Available as an accessory to the whole ZR family, the ducting extension ensures uniformity and coverage in any environment.