Magnum 1200™

The Magnum 1200 delivers a heavy punch of fog. It's built tough to meet the rugged demands of 24/7 nightlife.

With the option to add a DMX controller, the Magnum 1200 uses an 850 W heat exchanger to produce 290 m3 of fog.


The delivery of a continuous and even level of fog and the incorporation of soft-start electronics means that the Magnum 1200 operates at a very low noise level. Built rugged yet lightweight and conveniently portable, the Magnum 1200 offers substantial cost and maintenance benefits over a long operational life.

Remote control

Supplied with a timer remote control and featuring the same machine-saving overheat protection as Martin’s larger machines, the economically-priced Magnum 1200 will provide years of maintenance-free operation.

Fluid options

The Magnum 1200 has a 2.3 liter fluid capacity, and a variety of fluid options are available for different applications. Martin offers the widest range of atmosphere-generating fog fluid around. Specially formulated and water-based, all fluids are effective, safe, and economical.

  • Continuous output
  • 290 m³/min fog output
  • 850 W heat exchanger
  • 8 min heat-up time
  • Optional flying kit
  • 2.3 liter fluid capacity
  • Different fluid options for different applications
  • Optional DMX interface
  • Internal remote control storage
  • Timer and output level remote control
  • Linkable, up to 20 units can be operated at the same time with one remote or DMX