The James Thomas Par lighting fixtures are made out of high quality thick gauge aluminum for the best in lightweight durability. James Thomas Engineering has pioneered both indoor and outdoor par lantern. The outdoor lanterns feature corrosion resistant fittings, and a cast aluminum construction with a polyester powder coated finish in either black or silver.

Indoor par lanterns can be personalized in several ways. Black and silver are the standard colors, but other colored models are available to order. Units include a lamp adjuster to enable external adjustment of the lamps. The color changer lanterns come with an arm to form a lock for fitting color changers. Other variations can be built to suit your needs.

  • Par 64 (black) Parcans CP60,CP61, CP62 & CP95
  • Par 64 (Black and Silver) Floorcans
  • Par 64 Outdoor (black)
  • Par 38 (black) pin spots
  • Par 16 birdies (black & silver)