Philips Selecon Aurora Flood

220-240V: 650W - 1250W
120V: 750W - 1000W

Designed for the working theatre. The Aurora Flood provides a powerful even flood beam of 90°. The same beam control and distribution characteristics are delivered by every Selecon cyc/flood luminaire.

The use of extruded aluminium reflectors rather than formed sheet reflectors ensures the precise specifications of the asymmetric shape and guaranteed performance.

Further Selecon innovations provide:

  • A flat, easy to use colour filter frame which grips the filter firmly
  • The ability to relamp without having to remove the colour filter frame
  • Dual chamber airflow

Selecon Heat Removal System

Selecon's Cyc, Flood and Groundrow ranges have a well-deserved reputation for delivering life up to double that of some other cyc floods.

Selecon's unique dual chamber airflow creates a temperature differential, drawing air over the plastic colour filter to exhaust heat away, maximising filter life.

Combined with the Aurora clamp filter holder, anecdotal evidence points to an additional 50—70% filter life compared to other open faced cyc floods of comparative wattage.

The Selecon colour frame for the Hui, Lui and Aurora ranges gently clamps the plastic filter while holding the frame away from the luminaire body to reduce (+20°) the transference of heat from the luminaire into the frame and plastic filter.

The Aurora Flood range includes:

  • the single luminaire, available with pole operation tilt
  • 4-way batten with multi-connector, in/out options or 2.4m/8ft cable tails

All batten/square models are available with multi-connectors, in/out options or 2.4m/8ft cable tails.


  • Colour frame size: 305mm x 315mm / 12” x 12 3/8” This allows for a two piece cut from a single, standard sheet of gel.
  • Cable length: 2.4m / 8ft
  • Accessories: 4-door barndoor
  • Weight: Single: 10.2kg / 22lb 9oz, 4-way batten:  30kg / 66lb
  • Certification: CE, ETL / cETL listed to UL1575


  • EXTRUDED ALUMINIUM REFLECTORS ENSURE the precise specifications of the asymmetric shape and guaranteed performance from luminaire to luminaire.
  • VERY SMOOTH LIGHT BEAM which falls off evenly without visible high lights or shadows.
  • ROBUST CONSTRUCTION from a combination of aluminium extrusions and formed sheet steel panels.
  • CABLING OPTIONS - socapex or wieland multi connectors or single cable tails (2.4m/8ft).
  • POLE TILT OPERATION available for most cyc / flood units and battens.
  • SECURE FOCUS LOCK-OFF with proven tilt lock clamp or pole-operated screw tilt focus.
  • EASE OF ACCESS to change the colour filter without disturbing the focus position. Top hinge spring lid secures the filter holder while ensuring there is no distracting light leak.
  • SAFE – the colour filter holder assembly opens downward, automatically disconnecting the mains supply to the lamp socket enabling relamping without breaking focus.
  • LUMINAIRE SHIPPED with colour frame, M12 suspension bolt set and short form instruction manual.


  • 220-240V Lamp socket :R7, 189mm
  • 120V Lamp socket : R7,6 9/16” linear t/h lamps
  • 625W P2/10 200hrs average life
  • 1000W FFT 400hrs average life
  • 1000W P2/7 200hrs average life
  • 1250W  P2/12 200hrs average life

Note: The Aurora Flood is designed for use with studio high performance short life lamps. Always operate to maximise airflow. If used as a work light use a K4 type commercial long life 1000W lamp.

Performance information, size diagram and order codes are detailed in the Aurora Flood Specification Sheet and the Product Reference Resource.