Philips Selecon Hui Flood

Lifting stage and studio colour washes to new heights. The Hui Flood range provides a 90° flood beam with well-controlled edges and even distribution. The beam can be shaped using the barndoor accessory. The Hui Flood range comprises single, 3 and 4-way battens with a choice of cable or multi-connector options.

NB: In Russia the Hui range is known as the Helia range.


Colour Frame Size: 265mm x 203mm / 8” x 10 3/8”


4-door barndoor, joiner set (2 of) Hui slot locks, spare colour frame


  • Single: 4.1kg / 9lb
  • 3-way batten: 10.7kg / 23lb 5oz
  • 4-way batten: 14kg / 31lb

Certification: CE, ETL / cETL listed to UL1575


  • EXTRUDED ALUMINIUM REFLECTORS ENSURE the precise specifications of the asymmetric shape and guaranteed performance from luminaire to luminaire.
  • SELECON'S HEAT REMOVAL SYSTEM, protects and maximises your colour filter life.
  • MAKE YOUR OWN BATTENS using the Hui slot lock joint system that allows a number of units to be ‘locked’ together.
  • ROBUST CONSTRUCTION designed to withstand the most gruelling rental and production work.
  • CABLING/CONNECTOR OPTIONS – choice of either 1.0m/3ft cable tails or multi-connector models which includes options for in/out cable tails; all industry connectors and socket outlets for unused multi-circuits.
  • COLOUR FILTER HOLDER IS HELD CAPTIVE by a spring-hinged extruded cover that also blocks unwanted light spill.
  • SAFE WITH MAINS POWER DISCONNECT – microswitches isolate the mains supply (phase and neutral) when opening, preventing the insertion of a lamp into a live socket.
  • SAFETY GLASS ensures that in the unlikely event of a lamp exploding, the remains are held captive within the luminaire.
  • SHAPE THE BEAM, CONTAIN GLARE with the 4-door barndoor accessory.
  • LUMINAIRE SHIPPED with colour frame, suspension bolt set and short form instruction sheet.

NB: lamps are not supplied, please specify your requirements with your order.


Important: In the 220-240V market the Hui range = maximum 800W with the Lui range providing the next step up to the 1000W lamp.

In the 120V market the Hui range = maximum 1000W.

220-240V Lamp socket : R7, 118mm linear halogen lamps   120V Lamp socket : R7, 4 11/16” linear halogen lamps
200W K11 2000hrs average life   300W  EHZ 2000hrs average life
300W K9 2000hrs average life   300W  EHM 2000hrs average life
500W K1 200hrs average life   500W  FDN 400hrs average life
800W P2/11 150hrs average life   500W  FCL 2000hrs average life
  750W  EMD 400hrs average life
  750W  EJG 400hrs average life
  1000W  FHM 300hrs average life
  1000W  FCM 300hrs average life

Performance information, size diagrams and order codes are detailed in the Hui Flood Specification Sheet and the Product Reference Resource