Philips Selecon Lui Flood

Lifting stage and studio colour washes to new heights. The Lui Flood range provides a 90° flood beam with well-controlled edges and even distribution. The beam can be shaped using the barndoor accessory. The Lui Flood range comprises single, 3 and 4-way battens with a choice of cable or multi-connector options.


Colour Frame Size: 265mm x 203mm / 8” x 10 3/8”

Accessories: 4-door barndoor, joiner set (2 of) Lui slot locks, spare colour frame Weights:
  • Single: 4.1kg / 9lb
  • 3-way batten: 10.7kg / 23lb 5oz
  • 4-way batten: 14kg / 31lb
Certification: CE, ETL / cETL listed to UL1575 Features
  • EXTRUDED ALUMINIUM REFLECTORS ENSURE the precise specifications of the asymmetric shape and guaranteed performance from luminaire to luminaire.
  • SELECON'S HEAT REMOVAL SYSTEM, protects and maximises your colour filter life.
  • MAKE YOUR OWN BATTENS using the Hui slot lock joint system that allows a number of units to be ‘locked’ together.
  • ROBUST CONSTRUCTION designed to withstand the most gruelling rental and production work.
  • CABLING/CONNECTOR OPTIONS – choice of either 1.0m/3ft cable tails or multi-connector models which includes options for in/out cable tails; all industry connectors and socket outlets for unused multi-circuits.
  • COLOUR FILTER HOLDER IS HELD CAPTIVE by a spring-hinged extruded cover that also blocks unwanted light spill.
  • SAFE WITH MAINS POWER DISCONNECT – microswitches isolate the mains supply (phase and neutral) when opening, preventing the insertion of a lamp into a live socket.
  • SAFETY GLASS ensures that in the unlikely event of a lamp exploding, the remains are held captive within the luminaire.
  • SHAPE THE BEAM, CONTAIN GLARE with the 4-door barndoor accessory.
  • LUMINAIRE SHIPPED with colour frame, suspension bolt set and short form instruction sheet.
NB: lamps are not supplied, please specify your requirements with your order. Lamps
  • 220-240V
  • Lamp socket : R7, 189mm linear halogen lamps
  • 1000W K4 2000hrs average life

Performance information, size diagram and order codes are detailed in the Lui Flood Specification Sheet and the Product Reference Resource.