• Robert Juliat Super Korrigan 1.2

    Robert Juliat Super Korrigan 1.2

    Super Korrigan is a new model of the 1,200W HMI Korrigan followspot. It produces 25% more light output than the older model and incorporates the popular fingertip shutter control that was first introduced in the Manon/Topaze series.

  • Coemar 1.2 MSR follow spot

    The testa 1200 MSR followspot is ideal for TV studios, concerts, theatres and discotheques. This leaflet is included to give an advice on installation, use and maintenance to ensure the optimum performance for the life of the followspot.

  • Robert Juliat Buxie 575

    Robert Juliat Buxie 575

    The Buxie MSR 575 followspot builds on the success of the highly popular Foxie. Featuring “Hot Re-Strike” lamp, 100% closing mechanical dimmer and iris plus  built-in electronic ballast. The Buxie is compact, efficient and operator friendly. Suited to throws from 5m to around 25m.

  • Robert Juliat Cricket Followspot

    Robert Juliat Cricket Followspot

    The “Cricket” is a compact high performance 1200W halogen followspot incorporating a 100% closing iris and six way colour changer. Utilising an efficient  double condenser optical system the Cricket is suited to throws from 5m up to around 15m against 500/650W rigs.